Environmental Supply Chain &
Procurement Consulting

We provide consulting for projects that require a higher degree of transparency with regard to the environmental impact of materials and products being used. There is often a gap between designers intent and the environmentally accredited materials that can be sourced to the required budget.

Initial issues pose the question of what is considered sustainable or recyclable: is the environmental cost of recycling or up-cycling higher than producing new finishes that have a guaranteed recyclable future?

There are so many certificates for numerous countries with varying standards that are not exactly comparable and can be very confusing. Heavily certified does not necessarily mean no impact on environment and/or human employment. Heavily mechanized and automated plants may be ecologically more effective, but much less positive for employment. Ultimately all companies rely on the circulation of wealth to drive product demand.

We consider the use of well sourced environmentally friendly materials and products from companies with high production standards, as a real assets to any building development.

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Strategic Business Development

We, Andrew and Tarhata Watson, are entrepreneurs when it comes to business growth and process management. With our business based in London and Graz, Austria, Hub-3 is borne out of the idea of connecting people by being the focal point between our business partners.
We cover three areas of expertise: consulting, collaborations and contracting, and are a ménagerie of passionate people to make growth happen.

Our approach is simple: We help small to middle size product-based businesses grow through collaborations, networking and by putting processes in place. Good consulting needs to provide a service that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely – in other words SMART.

Fundamentally we look to deliver the knowledge transfer of best working practices, so your business can undertake future change management more effectively with internal resources.

We are mainly (but not exclusively) active in the following areas:

  • Market Positioning
  • Brand Development
  • Business Modelling
  • Production Process, Planning and Control
  • Process Management and Implementation
  • Intercultural Management

For whom we are

Cultivating and nurturing relationships require time and effort to build up trust.
For this reason we provide consulting for private led companies. Due to the nature of our work, most new business is generated by referrals.